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Fine Soap... Naturally

The art of making soap is a process of taking naturally available products and combining them to create a cleaner. One that is both beneficial to the skin and has a pleasing aroma. Lye is made by passing water over hardwood ashes. Base oils ( like olive oil ) are used instead of animal fats. Then essential oils from a variety of plants, roots and flowers are added to enhance textures and fragrance. These ingredients are then blended together in the hopes of achieving the harmony God intended before the fall. Thus the name " Edens Shower ". 

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About Us

We are a unique green company that got started out of a love for nature,the outdoors and a purer, simpler way to live. After years of backpacking,canoeing and kayaking from Maine to Alaska, making an all natural product seemed like a logical next step and venture. It's proved to be very fulfilling. We've been able to introduce the benefits of using an all natural soap to many wonderful people. Not only for its impact on the environment, but also for the great way it effects your skin, eliminating itchiness and dryness by replacing the oil that time and the elements have taken away. We truly enjoy making it and hope you will enjoy using it as well.


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